About Me

I’m Vitalik Demin. I’m a Product Manager. I help companies build elegant, cost effective and easy to use software products while maximizing their business value. 💪

I am originally from Siberia, Russia where at one point I was making $100–150 a month. 🤑

I currently live in Minneapolis MN. That money from Siberia surely helped with the plane ticket. ✈️

I love reading business and self-development books. Here are my all time favorite reads. 📚

I made a few video ads (to help a friend) that I’m really proud of. They will probably not qualify for a Super Bowl but, you know, that’s cool. 🙃

This is my LinkedIn page where I occasionally complain to their CEO about bad UX design. 😉

I constantly optimize my lifestyle. Here are the changes that I made in the last few years. 🥦

And last but not least — I love baking my own bread! 🥖

The best way to connect with me is via api@vitalik.co. ✉️




Product Manager

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Product Manager

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