Episode #20—Deep Conversation with Sarbjeet Johal on the Landscape and Future of Cloud

Folks, if you love technology and the cloud trends, you’re gonna love this conversation we had with Sarbjeet Johal!

Sarbjeet has worked for companies like Visa, VMWare, PeopleSoft, Rackspace, Oracle and others and he accumulated an enormous amount of first hand experience and knowledge about the cloud industry.

We intentionally skipped most of the topics that you can easily find on the Internet and focused on truly interesting things. Here’s what we discussed with him:

  • His journey (so far) in tech
  • State of the Industry
  • Future of software technology
  • Technology consumption design patterns
  • Traits of good leadership in tech companies
  • Tip for youth 4 tech

I’m so excited to finally publish this episode! You can find Sarbjeet on Twitter at @SarbjeetJohal so you can start following him there and get a daily dose of insights about cloud.

Thank you for stopping by and tuning into this truly incredible episode!

PS I apologize for a slightly poor audio quality on my side. Something must have gone not so smooth with sound recording on my machine. But Sarbjeet’s audio is perfect so it should be all good! :)

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