Fat Protocols — The Pilot Podcast Episode: What Are Protocols, How They Capture Value, Is Zoom a Protocol

Folks, I’m super excited to finally drop this post! Sarbjeet Johal and I finally recorded the pilot episode of our new Fat Protocols podcast!

In this podcast we will be covering various platforms that have already become protocols and those that may get there in the future. We hope that our talks will be interesting to you and that they will also potentially help you capture early investment opportunities because protocols become very valuable and generate a lot of money for a very long time.

In this pilot conversation we laid out our vision for the podcast, discussed what protocols are (and what they are not), how these protocols capture value, which companies currently command major protocol technologies and we also talked about whether the most popular video conferencing platform Zoom is a protocol or an app.

We hope you enjoy this conversation! Please, feel free to let us know if you have any companies in mind that you’d like us to cover in our future episodes or any guests that we should invite over. Please email all your ideas and thoughts at api@fatprotocols.net.

Thank you so much for tuning in!




Product Manager

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Product Manager

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