The “Beelines” game I invented for my kid

Apr 30, 2022


Goal of the game:

  • Score more points than the opponent by winning rows with the highest number value in them.


  • Players take turns to place numbers in cells. Each player can only use numbers 1 to 5 (can’t use one number more than once)
  • Player who places two numbers in the same row wins that row. The row winner takes all the numbers in that row, including the opponent’s one.
  • Only horizontal and vertical rows count (diagonal rows are not applicable)
  • Once the grid is full, sum up the numbers in the rows for each player. The highest score wins the game.

In the photo above, the player with a pencil won the game. Although both players won 3 rows each, the number value in the pencil player’s rows was greater.

Have fun!