What’s The Speakezee App and Why I Love Building and Using It

2 min readMay 11, 2021


Last year I ran into a small group of folks who were embarking on a really exciting journey to build a voice social networking app called Speakezee. The pitch for the app was very simple and crisp — a place where you can publish short voice stories that expire after a few days and where you can also engage in voice conversations with others. At that time I was already an avid user of Telegram voice messaging and I really loved that format. I also have a lot of passion for building great software products so I joined the voice app crew as the product guy.

At the end of December we published our first TestFlight beta version and we were super pumped! Without any marketing we got a few beta test folks who were curious to test the app. One person liked Speakezee so much that he invested in us after a couple of months. We were humbled beyond comprehension. Speaking of our angel investors and advisors, we have some truly awesome people supporting us: Amod Dange (Facebook), Bret Waters (Stanford), Sander Daniels (Thumbtack), Mikhail Polyakov (VP, banking sector), Alberto Scherb (Apple, Nest), Andres Echecopar (AEA Capital Partners) and a few others.

As I continued to use the app every day and interacted with our test folks, I fell in love with this voice social networking format even more. It felt so different to actually hear real people instead of reading emotionless text posts all the time. Also, you can’t really fake anything when you’re speaking to other people so our conversations are very authentic. We haven’t seen any rude people in the app either which is very exciting as well.

Long story short — at the end of April we finally published the version 1.0 in the AppStore but the true work begins now. We are working really hard to attract new people and get the momentum going. We are also trying to be smart about prioritizing new critical functionality as we continue to build out the product with very limited resources and publish new versions every week or two.

I would highly encourage you to try the app and see how it feels. Share it with your friends as well. We all love hanging out in there, listening to each other, discussing fun things and building emotional connections between one another.

You can download the app from the AppStore at this direct link:


We also have our FAQ page at https://speakezee.app/faq in case you would like to learn more about the app.

Thank you!