Goal of the game:

  • Score more points than the opponent by winning rows with the highest number value in them.


  • Players take turns to place numbers in cells. Each player can only use numbers 1 to 5 (can’t use one number more than once)
  • Player who places two numbers in the same row wins that row. The row winner takes all the numbers in that row, including the opponent’s one.
  • Only horizontal and vertical rows count (diagonal rows are not applicable)
  • Once the grid is full, sum up the numbers in the rows for each player. The highest score wins the game.

In the photo above, the player with a pencil won the game. Although both players won 3 rows each, the number value in the pencil player’s rows was greater.

Have fun!



Today Sarbjeet Johal and I went deep into Appian ($APPN) — a low code automation platform that is becoming more popular by the day. We discussed the history of the process automation industry, its current state and how Appian is different from the companies that have been trying to own this space for a very long time. We also talked about whether Appian might be a good investment opportunity at this time (this is not financial advice).

Listen to our conversation and do any additional research of your own before deciding to invest.

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